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Sustainable Growth

Responsible Investment


Sustainable Growth


Clean Carbon Equity Inc (CCE) is one of Canada’s leading traders of Verified Emission Reduction Credits in the voluntary carbon offset market. CCE sources Verified Emission Reduction credits from our global supplier base, selling them to customers in order to offset the CO2 emissions being created by the customer’s operations and manages the retirement of the offsets appropriately. CCE provides customers with value by providing customized transaction options, tailored insights, and scalable access into the Verified Emissions Reduction markets. Through these trading activities, CCE supports clean energy projects around the world, assists customers with reducing their Green House Gas footprint and provides a resource to assist in reducing emissions to support Canada’s plan of Net Zero emissions by 2050.


A carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of climate change. Although complex in practice, carbon offsets are simple in theory. Carbon offsets reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions beyond what is achievable through individual action. Carbon offsets are purchased from green energy projects to diminish the impact of your own GHG emissions. Carbon Offsets make environmental and economic sense for emission reductions that are difficult or unaffordable to reduce through operational changes.

When projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions are developed, every tonne of emissions reduced results in the creation of one carbon offset. Project developers can then sell these offsets to finance their projects. There are many different types of carbon reduction projects such as dairy farms. These farms could install an anaerobic digester to capture and destroy methane that would otherwise be released when animal manure decomposes. To finance the construction and operation of a digester project, a dairy farm can sell the emission reductions in the form of carbon offsets to firms wishing to assist with the GHG reduction targets set forth by government. Carbon offsets are therefore an available and affordable tool for organizations that wish to mitigate the impact of their own carbon footprints.


Emission reduction projects reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in one of three ways:

Capture & Destroy

By capturing and destroying a greenhouse gas that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. A methane gas capture project at a landfill for instance.

Clean Energy

By producing energy using a clean, renewable resource that eliminates the release of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Wind or solar power.

Capture & Store

By capturing and storing (or “sequestering”) greenhouse gases to prevent their release into the atmosphere much like a project that promotes the healthy growth and maintenance of forests

Some projects include more than one of these activities at the same time. Gas capture projects at landfills not only prevent the release of methane gas into the atmosphere, but they also use the captured methane to generate electricity.

How It Works

Teaming Up

Clean Carbon Equity Inc teams up with the customer to provide insight on options to lessen GHG footprints for them and their clients



Clean Carbon Equity Inc assists the customer with measuring current GHG footprint with customer supplied energy statements and provides pricing to offset all or a portion of their emissions



Clean Carbon Equity Inc manages the announcements of the customer offsetting all or a portion of their emissions and retires the credits appropriately in the GHG registry.


Clean Carbon Equity Inc and the customer agree on the required number of Verified Emission Reduction Credits needed, and Clean Carbon Equity Inc acquires the needed credits on the companies’ behalf