Our company’s foundation is built on values, which distinguish us clearly and provide guidance to our actions. We are committed to a sustainable future by being equitable to society by passing on economic success and environmental well being to our employees. We respect universal human rights and diversity, the protection of the environment and use the business to inspire others for the mutual benefit of the communities where we work.

Clean Carbon Equity Inc was formed to provide a platform for customers to offset their emissions in a simple format, with multiple purchasing options to help fund clean energy projects around the world.


Chad Clovis, Chief Executive Officer

Chad is the acting chief executive officer and oversees the development, trading, and administration teams at Clean Carbon Equity. He has over 22 years of extensive industry experience in transportation-based operations and senior business development roles in Canada and the USA. Chad formed Clean Carbon Equity Inc in 2021 to support the transition to clean energy by investing in clean energy projects through carbon offset trading and has worked diligently on expansion, optimization, and growth. Prior to forming Clean Carbon Equity Inc, he worked with multiple major oilfield service companies in Canada and the USA specializing in fluid transportation, hydrovac and heavy equipment hauling.

Marita Dautel, Chief Operating Officer, MBA

Marita is the acting chief operating officer overseeing the daily operations, accounting, and finance teams. She has over 10 years of intensive experience in finance, HR team building roles and management in Canada and Germany. Marita joined Clean Carbon Equity Inc in 2021 bringing her experience from the municipal sector, banking and a oilfield transportation company. Marita graduated in 2012 with an MBA from Purdue University via Hannover Germany and completed multiple consulting projects in Germany and India as well as an internship in Bangladesh with the Grameen Bank.